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Besides, immediate application of intermittent ice packs using the cold spray machine after treatment could not only treat the erythema but also reduce patient pain. As the majority of acne lesions are concentrated on the face, their presence may result in the disfigurement of feel anxious appearance in severe cases.

Therefore, in the present study, patients in the observation group were pretreated feel anxious acne debridement in a sterile operating room before photodynamic therapy. Acne squeezing can eliminate sebaceous duct blockage, ensure smooth sebum elimination, inhibit P. After the 6-month follow-ups, which included the standardized 4 photodynamic treatments, it was observed that the acne lesions disappeared with satisfactory results.

There was no recurrence, and feel anxious adverse reactions, such as keloids and hyperpigmentation, were observed.

Patients should be instructed to continue with the routine daily care in the future in order to prevent recurrence. The method has good clinical effects and is worthy of further promotion. This study was conducted in accordance with the declaration of Helsinki. Lynn D, Umari T, Dunnick C, et al. The epidemiology of acne vulgaris in late adolescence. Adolesc Health Med Ther. Zaenglein A, Pathy A, Schlosser B, et al.

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