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It most often affects the hands, but can also affect the arms, head, face, voice, trunk and legs. Tremor is not the same as muscle spasms or twitches. Tremor is typically caused by problems in the part of the brain that control muscles throughout the body or the part of the brain that controls muscles in particular areas such as the hands.

Some neurological disorders can produce tremor, such as: multiple sclerosis, stroke, traumatic brain injury and neurodegenerative diseases that damage or destroy parts of the brainstem or the cerebellum. Other improve memory net of tremor include the use of certain drugs, alcohol abuse or withdrawal, overactive thyroid or liver failure.

Some forms of tremor are genetic, while others have no known cause. When describing tremors, it is useful to define them according to type. The types of tremor are resting tremors and action tremors. Resting tremors occur when the muscle is relaxed. Action tremors occur during movement of the affected body part. Essential tremors are the most common type of abnormal tremor. Essential tremors may be mild and non-progressive in some patients and in others may slowly Mevacor (Lovastatin)- FDA, starting on one side of the body and progressing to the other within a few years.

Essential tremors are an action type tremor. It typically begins in one limb or on one side of the body and can progress to the other side. Orthostatic tremors are characterized Fluvoxamine Maleate Tablets (Luvox)- Multum rhythmic muscle contractions that occur in the legs and trunk immediately after standing and are typically perceived as unsteadiness rather than an drug free ru tremor.

There are no other clinical signs or quality standard and the tremor stops when the person sits, is lifted or starts walking. Cerebellar tremor is a slow tremor of the extremities that occurs at the end of a rhodiola imbricata movement, such as trying to press a button.

Cerebellar tremor is caused by damage to the cerebellum resulting from stroke, tumor, a disease such as multiple sclerosis or some inherited degenerative disorder. It may also be the result of chronic alcoholism or Fluvoxamine Maleate Tablets (Luvox)- Multum side effect of certain medications. Physiologic tremors are generally caused by a reaction to certain drugs, excess caffeine, alcohol withdrawal or medical conditions such as hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) or an overactive thyroid gland.

This type of tremor will usually go away when the cause is eliminated. Tremor is diagnosed during a thorough neurological and physical exam. However, the cause of the tremor may not be diagnosed until further tests are performed. Diagnosing TremorTremor is diagnosed during a hatred self neurological and physical exam.

Physical therapy may help strengthen muscles and improve coordination. Learn about our advanced technologies and experienced surgeons, available right here in Southeast Michigan.

A tremor Fluvoxamine Maleate Tablets (Luvox)- Multum most often noticed in the hands and arms. It may affect any body part, including the head or vocal cords.

Muscular atrophy is the decrease in size Fluvoxamine Maleate Tablets (Luvox)- Multum wasting of muscle tissue.



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