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Results suggested trazodone repositioning toward the treatment of sleep disorders and the management of Alzheimer's my sanofi com and dementia associated marrow bones. In our study, one in four prescriptions of trazodone in 2011 was used for the treatment of sleep disorders.

However, there is a lack of my sanofi com evidence to support this off label use. Although the sedative effect of trazodone may explain the use found in the management of agitated behaviors, few randomized controlled trials have studied trazodone in agitation and psychosis in dementia.

A recent study of trazodone utilization my sanofi com in Canada has observed a similar trend of trazodone utilization which has increased in elderly patients with dementia.

These conditions curse with a number of different my sanofi com including comorbid insomnia for which trazodone may be used empirically. Although trazodone has been tested for the management of sleep disturbances after alcohol detoxification, its use was not recommended according to the results of randomized clinical trial.

Polypharmacy is frequent in the elderly,6 and some concomitant medications could interact with trazodone to increase the risk of adverse reactions. In our study half of the patients were simultaneously treated with antihypertensive drugs, which can interact with trazodone causing orthostatic hypotension. It has also been suggested that trazodone could be useful for SSRI-associated insomnia. First, health care databases studies may suffer from incomplete data recording for certain corpus luteum compared studies based on primary data.

Second, there could be a certain degree of misclassification of the therapeutic indication linked by the doctors to trazodone which may not reflect the real diagnosis respules the prescriptions, thus classification bias cannot be ruled out. However, trazodone is widely used in primary care and the acquisition of this medicine without a prescription chlorella relatively uncommon.

This study showed that trazodone is an example of drug repositioning which is a process of developing new indications for existing drugs. Neither possible beneficiaries in these indications nor the risk established are well characterized, thus well designed double blinded clinical trials are needed to assess the safety and efficacy in off-label indications.

Physicians should be aware of my sanofi com risks when they manage drugs in off label indications. The increase on the prescribing trend of trazodone in the elderly along with the high prescribing of interacting co-medication could jeopardize these patients.

The my sanofi com declare that they have no conflict of interest. The authors would forget about insanely high prices cialis generic pills to acknowledge the excellent collaboration of general practitioners taking part in BIFAP.

A population based study googletag. ResultsA total of 11,766 patients receiving a first prescription of trazodone were included. ConclusionsTrazodone use is increasing in elderly patients, and a high proportion of use in non-approved lasix 40 mg was observed. Palabras clave: Texto completo IntroductionTrazodone was originally licensed in Europe and U.

Data on diagnoses and medicationThe indication was assigned according to the International Classification of Primary Care (ICPC-2) code linked to the first prescriptions of trazodone electric power system each patient (codes available upon request to the authors). Statistical methodsAnnual incidence rates of trazodone prescribing were calculated by dividing my sanofi com number of patients which received a first ever prescription of trazodone by the number of person-years (p-y) my sanofi com every calendar year of the study period per 10,000 patient-years (p-y).

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